From recovery to final position, Eco Beringin has an audit service and returns IT assets. We audit and record every device details received and provide reports to clients. In the report number, the asset tag number, asset type, model / manufacture, condition, and unit completeness details. All labels, tags, asset tags that our customers have removed.

Potential leakage of sensitive data is the biggest risk for the company. We have designed our service to protect confidential company data and to reduce the risk of data leakage in the asset recovery process. We offer the option to delete data both at our facilities when the equipment is received or at the location of our customers.

  • The standard we usually do to delete data is NIST 800-88 with 1 Pass. For the 5 pass and 7 pass options also available. Depending on customer requirements.
  • This ensures 100% of the data has been deleted. A corrupted hard disk cannot be deleted and must be destroyed(shredding).
  • Evidence of successful completion of data deletion is issued through reports from software and data destruction certificates.

Eco Beringin has a unique advantage in helping clients to gain maximum value out of their refreshed IT equipments, we have 12+ years experience in Remarketing & Distributing used computers to major secondary market in Indonesia. With vast networks and channels from resellers, retailers across the Indonesian archipelago, as well as overseas market, Eco Beringin is able to provide the maximum value recovery to our clients.

A constant changes in staff or organization itself very often will result in IT equipment being under utilized and occupying space which are meant for other pursposes, which in many case present a very un necessary cost. Eco Beringin is able to take care off all logistical challenges such as : storage, testing, cleaning, packaging and delivery from one to another. We could help you manage local deployment from one to another site in Indonesia and as well as materials bound for overseas site.



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