Data Destruction

With 10+ years of experience in secure Data Destruction or Data Sanitization, PT. Ecoberingin has been providing on site as well as off site Data Destruction services for many world class organizations that operate or have offices in The Indonesian Archipelago.

Trusted Data Destruction Service

Data sanitization is the process of permanently and irreversibly removing or destroying the data stored on a memory device to make it unrecoverable. Even with the assistance of advanced forensic tools, the data will not ever be recovered. That’s a simple definition of Data Sanitization.

We assure that data left in media storages are to be properly sanitized, before being disposed off or remarketed, depends on client needs. For every equipment containing data media storages will undergo a strict wipe, clean or physical destruction procedure in our facility.

PT. Ecoberingin provides simple, secure, cost effective solutions for data wiping, whether it is done at client’s own facility or at our facility.

  • We use a secure licensed software to wipe Hard Drives, until NIST 800-88, it ensures all sectors are overwritten.
  • Hard Drive with damaged sectors and can’t be overwritten will be removed and physically shredded.
  • A certificate of sanitization will be provided when Data erasure is successfully completed.

Data Wiping are particularly critical in the following situations :

  • Hardware devices are going to be reused. For ex : changing of staff member in an organization
  • Refresh of IT equipment, before being replaced with new Hardware
  • Remarketing process ( mainly computers ) need to sanitize data prior changing of hands



An engineer from PT. Ecoberingin will deliver degaussing equipment to client’s location, in order to erase all informations contain in the storage media. Serial number will be tracked and captured, then a certificate of Data Erasure will be given upon completion of the Degaussing process. The Hard Drive will be then transported back to PT.Ecoberingin facility to be shredded and safely recycle.

Degaussing is applicable in the following situations :

  • The Hard Drive is inoperable for reuse.
  • A 1st step in securing Hard Drives prior being transported to PT.Ecoberingin facility for further Data Destruction procedure, which normally is shredding.

Clients that require degaussing service are normally working in area such as : Data Center, Financial Institution, Military, Government Institution, MNCs, Education, Health or other institution alike.

PT.Ecoberingin provides Hard Drives shredder that can be transported to client’s facility, along with its power supply to run the shredder. All storage media serial number will be tracked and captured, and upon completion of the shredding process a certificate of destruction will be provided and then the shredded materials will be transported back to PT. Ecoberingin facility. The results of the shredding process are physically fragmentized Hard Drives. Clients requiring this service would demand the highest security for their data storage disposal, such as : Data center, Banks and other financial institutions, MNCs, IT, Telcom, Military, Government institutions, and others such like them.

Physical Destruction are applicable in the following business situations :

  • Financial risks outweighs the value recovered of re using the Hard Drives
  • Hard Drive is mechanically in operative or can’t successfully pass Data Erasure / wiping procedure.
  • Low to Zero economic value of the Hard Drive



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