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Recycling Center

Ecoberingin is a trusted electronic waste and computer recycler. We also specialize IT Assets Disposition (ITAD) in a safe and ecologically-responsible manner. We separate your e-waste into original part (iron, aluminium, pcb, plastic, etc).

Common Electronic Waste

Unwanted Electronic Hardware

We will recycle your unwanted electronic waste or computer with standard operating procedures.

Outdated Electronic Hardware

See if your retired outdated computer or IT assets still have value. We can help you to resell them!

Why We Should Care

The Danger Caused By Illegal Dumping

Fog Everywhere

It's environment pollution!

Mercury River

It’s harming our ecosystem!

Getting Hotter

It’s climate change!

Deadly disease

Affecting our next generation!

Trusted Electronic Waste Recycling

Your retired IT assets can be a complex challenge, sometimes it requires multiple handling from shipping, packaging, storage, inventory, data destruction, logistics, disposal and recycling.
We can help you to manage the risk in our all-in-one service!

Nation Wide Certifications:

  • Gudang Barang Bekas & Elektronik
    Kantor Lingkungan Hidup (KLH) Jakarta Utara No. 09/1.774.152
  • SK No. 0260/03/2012 UUG: 0181/2012 Industri Elektronik Bekas
    Keputusan Gubernur DKI Jakarta (Kantor Polisi Pamong Praja Jakarta Kota)
  • Rekomendasi Izin Skala Nasional Pengumpulan Sampah B3
    Badan Pengelolaan Lingkungan Jakarta No. 82/1.774.13
  • Izin Penyimpanan Sementara Limbah Bahan Berbahaya dan Beracun (B3)
    Keputusan Gubernur DKI Jakarta No. 02/B3/2012

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